Dental Implant Treatment

For more than a century, dental implant treatments has been the go-to procedure to fix the loss of teeth.

Our doctors attach a post to the jawbone via the drilling the gum of the missing teeth. Afterwards, they execute the replacement. Finally, the operators attach an artificial tooth, later. This, in return, will be providing a natural-looking replacement.

Implant Treatment Costs

The reason that attracts so many people from all over the world to Turkey’s dental clinics is low prices. In contrast to the worldwide prices, you can save most of your expenses. 

In addition to them, you can benefit from Turkey’s beauties. From its cultural heritages to natural beauties, Turkey has a lot to offer its visitors.

Is it necessary to come back after 6 months for the implants?

Yes, It is more advisable to go back and finish the process with the same dentist but If there is a major factor preventing you from finishing the process, you can ask for your implants and the nearest dentist can install the implant but definitely it will cost more.


Will alcohol or acidic beverages (coke, soda etc.) compromise any of the dental operations I had on my teeth?

Alcohol and carbonated drinks already harm your teeth. Though we don’t recommend excessive intake of drinks from each category anyway. Though, feel free to ask our dentist if you are under any extra risks.